Why You Can Never Go Wrong with a Career in Healthcare

Why You Can Never Go Wrong with a Career in Healthcare

Have you ever dreamed of working in a doctor’s office or hospital? If you want to help people, are super organized, and good with computers, then a career in healthcare could be just right for you. Discover why a healthcare career is always a great choice.

Strong Job Prospects
When you prepare for a career in healthcare in New York City, and choose to work there after your training is complete, you’ll find that New York is in the top five of the states with the highest employment levels for medical assistants.1 Plus, overall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that jobs in healthcare will increase by 3 million positions by 2020.2 That’s why you simply can’t go wrong with a career in the healthcare field.

Variety of Options
Healthcare offers a wide range of career options. You can choose a career that specifically matches your interests and skillset. For example, you could choose to prepare for an entry-level position as a medical administrative assistant, medical transcriptionist, or medical biller and coder.

New Technologies
Electronic health records (EHRs) are changing the healthcare game, with patient records that were previously all on paper are now partially or fully digitized on computers. If you understand computers and are good with technology, you can use those skills to work in the healthcare field.

Bedside Manners
Hospitals and doctor’s offices will always need someone to tend to their patients. If you’re good with people, have empathy for others, and are compassionate, why shouldn’t it be you? Medical assistants help patients and doctors with the work they do. They measure vital signs, assist with patient examinations, schedule appointments and follow-up visits, gather patient information and enter it into medical records, and more.

Does a healthcare career sound like it’s for you? New York Career Institute can help prepare you for a career in healthcare with an associate’s degree or certificate. With so many options to choose from, how can you go wrong? If you want to get started on the path to success in healthcare, call (212) 962-0002 to learn more about New York Career Institute now.


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