Why Paralegal Might be the Right Career for You

Why Paralegal Might be the Right Career for You

If you’re interested in law and are super organized, becoming a paralegal or legal assistant may be the career choice for you. Read on for five reasons why you might want to pursue a career as a paralegal.

Your Help is Needed
As a paralegal, you will work with lawyers to help them provide the best possible service to their clients. If you like to help people, and are naturally good with people, both will come in handy in your daily work.

Great Job Market
When you pursue a new career, of course you want to choose a field with a strong job outlook. For paralegal studies, the market is strong and continues to be that way. Across the United States, the job market for paralegals will increase through 2024. Plus, when you prepare for a career as a paralegal in New York City, you’re in the state with a higher than average long term job outlook for paralegals.1

Move Without Worry
If you may move down the road, keep in mind that there are 3.4 million lawyers out there, and most of them will need someone to help their practice. No matter where you go, from a small town to staying in the big city of New York or moving to another city, there are always law firms or other companies that need paralegals. A career as a paralegal doesn’t limit you to just one specific type of town or city.

Law Firms Aren’t Your Only Option
As a paralegal, you may think that you could only work in a law firm, but that’s not the case at all. Yes, that is where most paralegals work, but when you train as a paralegal, you will be able to work in a number of industries, including insurance agencies and other financial offices, law libraries, and in state, local and federal governments.2

Explore the Legal World
As a paralegal, you may work on different cases from day to day. One day, you could perform research on a bankruptcy case. The next, you could take witness statements about an accident. Or you could write briefs and other legal documents for your supervisor. This will give you new insight into various parts of the legal field.

When you choose New York Career Institute (NYCI) for your paralegal program of studies, you can prepare for a career as a Paralegal with either an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies or a Paralegal Studies Assistant Certificate. The Associate’s Degree and Certificate will prepare you for an entry-level paralegal position, a job as a legal assistant or an entry-level position in a general business environment.

If you want to get started on the path to a career as a Paralegal, call (212) 962-0002 to learn more about New York Career Institute now.


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