Preparing for a Successful Career Shift

Are you stuck in a job that isn’t going anywhere? Are you ready to make a switch to a new career that is more personally—and financially—fulfilling? A career institute is a great place to make that happen. Career institutes often offer flexible scheduling and programs that can be completed in two years or less, so you can make the leap to a new, rewarding working life. As you enroll in a career institute in New York City, keep these tips in mind for planning your career shift.

Do Your Homework

Before you start working towards a new career, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Research will help you get specific about what you want to do and may even open doors you didn’t know existed. For instance, wanting a career in the medical field is a broad goal, but with a little research, you can decide if pursuing work as a medical technologist or attending medical billing and coding school is right for you. Talk to others in the field and make an appointment at your career institute’s career advising office to explore your options.

Explore Your Education Needs

To launch a new career, you may need to pursue additional education. Find out what degrees or certificates are most common for the job you want, and then investigate which schools can help you get the training you need. Career institutes are especially good for working adults who want to return to school, because they often offer flexible scheduling.

Seek Support

Start building connections in your new field that can help with advice and job hunting. This support can start in the career office of your school or with your professors. Continue expanding this network while you’re in school so you have a strong network of connections when you start sending out your resume.