Being a paralegal is an exciting, lucrative career choice for someone of any age. Paralegal salaries continue to grow, as do the number of employment opportunities for those who have a paralegal certification or an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. If you’re embarking on a career change and looking at colleges or vocational schools in New York City, you should strongly consider becoming a paralegal.

Rising Pay and Job Opportunities

The starting salary for a paralegal continues to rise every year. It greatly increases when you have an associate’s degree as compared to a paralegal certification. Additionally, the paralegal field affords many opportunities for pay increases, whether you work for a firm, as a consultant, or as a freelance paralegal. There are also more and more employment opportunities every year for paralegals. The legal field is always expanding, and as firms grow, they need more paralegals to meet their workload.

Easy to Enter the Field

Becoming a paralegal is a career choice that can earn you a great salary after a very brief period of education. You can earn an associate degree at a college or vocational school in just two years of study. A paralegal certificate can be earned in just one year.

Most paralegal programs are designed to be convenient for those who are working fulltime jobs or who have family obligations that keep them occupied during the day. You can take courses online or in the evening to complete your degree or certification.

Once you’ve graduated, your college can help you find a job with a law firm, courthouse, or private attorney, or you can even work part-time as a freelance paralegal.

Challenging, Interesting Work

Working as a fulltime paralegal can afford you all of the benefits of working in an office, like a friendly atmosphere, paid time off, health insurance, steady work, and a set schedule.

Unlike many office jobs, however, paralegal work doesn’t get tedious or boring. Paralegals are continually challenged and engaged with their jobs, and learn new things every day.

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