What Questions Should You Expect in Your Paralegal Job Interview?

After you get your paralegal certification in New York City, it is time to start interviewing for jobs. Use this guide to learn about questions you can expect from your job interviews so you can properly prepare for them.

Can You Tell Me a Little Bit about Yourself?

Employers like to start with this question to get an idea of who you are before they dive into the questions pertaining to your skills. Take a deep breath and organize your thoughts before speaking, and then give an informative and succinct answer that provides a brief idea of where you grew up, where you went to school, and how you ended up in the field. You do not want to go through your entire life story, but you should give a general overview of the path that led you to the paralegal career.

Why Do You Want This Job?

This question gives employers the opportunity to learn a little bit about your motives and whether or not you did research before the interview. Make sure you have looked up some information about the company so you can provide a personalized answer that shows why you want to work there. Try to frame your answer with information about future career goals to show you are serious about starting out in the industry.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Potential employers do not ask this question to delve into your psyche and try to solve all of the problems in your life. They simply want to hear if you have a realistic self-image. Being aware of certain weaknesses is the first step toward changing them. Pointing out a weakness, like being shy in large groups, also gives you the chance to say how you are trying to improve it.

Why Should We Hire You?

Use this question as an opportunity to leave the interviewer with a unique fact about yourself. It is not enough to say you will do the job well; you should give examples of how you will do the job and how you will benefit the company if they choose you as their paralegal.

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