Tips for Landing a Job as a Paralegal

If you are passionate about the legal field, you do not have to become an attorney to follow your professional goals. Becoming a paralegal near New York City makes it possible to play an integral role in helping others in the judicial system. The ability to work with other legal experts on court cases and laws makes the paralegal profession a competitive one. To find your next job as a paralegal, keep these career-building tips in mind:


Hundreds—if not thousands—of hours can go into a court case, and lawyers often have too much work and too little support. If you volunteer your services to a firm or private practice, you likely will be taken up on your offer. Volunteering for even a single case can provide a wealth of real world experience that supplements the lessons you learned at your vocational school. Plus, it allows you to interact with other paralegals and attorneys who may be the connection you need to find a job. You might even be offered a position once your project concludes.


Who you know can certainly make a difference when you are trying to find a paralegal position. While volunteering offers a great opportunity to introduce yourself to others in the legal field, you can network in many ways. For instance, see if you can find a local organization for individuals pursuing careers as paralegals. You might also attend legal conferences or conventions to expand your professional reach.

Receive Certification

Perhaps the most important step you can take to ensure a job in the paralegal field is to get your paralegal certification. Though not mandatory to secure a job in this industry, a paralegal degree can show your commitment to your career and your knowledge of the field. Many attorneys overlook the resumes of individuals lacking certification, as they cannot be guaranteed that such a candidate has the qualifications they need to execute the required job responsibilities. With your paralegal certification or paralegal degree, you can immediately set yourself apart from other applicants and strengthen your position as the ideal candidate for the job.

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