If you’re looking for a career change, consider pursuing an associate’s degree in paralegal studies, or a paralegal certification in New York City. A paralegal’s salary can rise in accordance with education and experience levels. Additionally, there are many different areas of law in which a paralegal can work, giving you the opportunity to continue learning throughout your career and avoid boredom.

You Can Avoid Job Fatigue by Working in a Constantly Evolving Field

The field of law is constantly evolving and changing. This makes paralegal jobs both interesting and very lucrative. If you’re someone who finds ordinary office work boring, you’ll love the daily challenges you encounter working as a paralegal.

Each case you work on will be different, and you’ll consistently have the opportunity to learn new skills and expand your resume. As a paralegal, you can decide to work for a law firm that specializes in criminal law, corporate law, estate planning, tax law, family law, or patent law, just to name a few. This ensures you’ll never be bored or find yourself doing the same thing day in and day out.

The Skills You Learn Will Help You Elsewhere

Paralegals develop a unique skillset that makes them very marketable. The skills that you learn and develop as a paralegal are invaluable in many other fields. For instance, paralegals have extraordinary attention to detail, can think on their feet, have excellent writing and communications skills, are creative problem solvers, and are fast typists.

Any employer would be happy to hire someone who has excelled as a paralegal, as it’s a tough profession that trains you to be able to handle just about anything.