A Look At Our Paralegal Degrees

Is it your goal to become a paralegal near New York City? If so, New York Career Institute can help you realize your professional goals. Our vocational school offers two courses of study in the paralegal field that can put you on the path to getting your paralegal certification or degree as soon as possible.

If transitioning quickly into your new career is a priority, you might want to consider our paralegal certification program. To receive certification, you only need to complete 30 hours of coursework. Alternatively, you can opt for our associate degree in paralegal studies. This course of study is more time-intensive, as you must complete no less than 60 hours of coursework. However, during your studies, you will gain the essential legal terminology and law theory knowledge necessary for your paralegal career. To find out which program is right for your educational needs and professional goals, get in touch with one of the admissions representatives at NYCI.

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