Should You Work As a Medical Office Specialist?

A medical office specialist is a term that encompasses a number of different career options in the medical field. These include medical assistant, medical transcriptionist, and medical biller and coder. A community college or vocational college in New York City can provide you with the training, degree, and certification necessary for a medical office specialist career, such as an associate’s degree as a medical office specialist, a medical assistant certification, or a medical billing and coding certificate. Here is some more information on the careers available to a medical office specialist.

Medical Assistant
A medical assistant is often the first and last person that patients see when they visit a doctor’s office or hospital. Medical assistant positions combine traditional clerical work, such as checking in patients, answering phones, and completing paperwork, with hands-on medical tasks, such as drawing blood and taking patients’ height, weight, blood pressure, and temperature.

Medical Transcriptionist
Medical transcriptionists are considered experts in medical language, terminology, and healthcare documentation. Their primary role is to interpret and transcribe dictation from doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. This dictation includes patient assessments, diagnoses, prognoses, therapeutic procedures, and patient workups. You can often work from your home as an independent contractor, or you can work for a hospital, clinic, physician’s office, transcription company, or home health care company.

Medical Biller and Coder
Medical billers and coders are in charge of patient data, such as treatment records and insurance information. They code patients’ diagnoses, and then submit requests for payment to the patients’ insurance companies using these codes. Depending upon where you work, these two jobs can be done separately or together. A medical coder working on his or her own would be responsible only for assessing and coding data. A medical biller working alone would be responsible for interacting with patients and insurance companies to ensure that everything is billed correctly and paid on time.

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