Salary Expectations for a Medical Biller

If you’re considering medical billing and coding schools , then you’re probably weighing up the cost of training versus your expected salary once you find a job in the field.

Salaries for medical billing and coding vary depending on where you work and your experience. As you explore careers in the medical field in New York City, here is a look at what you can expect to make as a medical biller or coder.

In medical billing and coding schools, students learn to handle health insurance payments and patient billing for medical offices and hospitals. Billers and coders working in hospitals earn an average of $33,900 annually, which breaks down to $16.31 per hour.

Medical billers and coders in specialty hospitals earn the most, while those in general hospitals earn the least. Rates of pay for doctor’s offices and medical clinics also vary, as does the amount that freelance medical billers and coders earn for their work.

The right education from a medical billing and coding school will help you stand out in your field and maximize your earning potential.

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