How Much Do Medical Billing and Coding Schools in NYC Cost?

How Much Do Medical Billing and Coding Schools in NYC Cost?

Making an investment now for a return in the future is a smart idea, and there is no wiser investment than the one you make in yourself. Making the decision to enroll in classes in New York City that can open the job market up to you and expand your earning potential is a sound investment strategy. But how can that be best achieved?

A hot career in the medical field

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that, as with other jobs in the medical field, there is a high potential for employment opportunities in the field of medical billing and coding. The projected job growth rate for these jobs through 2024 is is 15%, more than twice the 7% average projected rate for all occupations. The NYC metropolitan area has one of the highest employment levels in the United States for this occupation.

Some medical billing and coding programs are broken up into semesters and can take students 18 months or longer to complete.

What is the cost of attending medical billing and coding schools in NYC?

If this sounds like a good employment fit for you, your next question may be about the cost of attending the classes you will need to be prepared for finding a job as a medical biller and coder.

All schools have different fees and associated costs for their programs, but most accredited programs can cost upwards of $13,000. As that is a large investment, many wonder what the costs are associated with. There are quite a few reasons for this, which may include the following:

  • Some programs separate the billing and coding classes into two distinct career options. Others pair them together, as they are closely related.
  • Medical billing and coding courses can be part of the course of study involved in earning an associate’s degree in healthcare management. Programs that offer an associate’s degree could cost more, be more comprehensive and take more time than your other options.
  • Some programs are all-inclusive, meaning that the technology fees associated with textbooks and billing software are covered by the total cost. Others typically assess students separate charges for these materials, which could cost as much as $750 per semester.

Other costs of medical billing and coding programs

A few of the medical billing and coding schools in NYC may have dress codes that require students to purchase and wear scrubs to class. This is done to prepare them to dress in a professional environment when they begin working. While some brands of scrub suits are fairly expensive, there are many that cost less than $20 for both top and bottom. A good source of gently used scrubs is a secondhand clothing store, such as Goodwill.

Upon completion of a medical billing and coding program, it is a good idea to sign up for a certification course that will prepare you to pass the Certified Professional Coder exam. Some employers do not require that applicants be certified, but many do. Employees who are certified can often command a higher rate of pay than those who are not.

Is financial aid available for those attending medical billing and coding schools in NYC?

Most degree-based accredited programs offer financial assistance to those students who meet the guidelines. Additionally, there may be scholarships available for those pursuing this career path, such as those offered annually by the American Health Information Management Association through its foundation.

If you are interested in learning more about medical billing and coding schools in NYC, schedule an appointment with an admissions advisor at the New York Career Institute who can provide you with more information.

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