How to Begin a Career as a Medical Administrative Assistant

A medical administrative assistant is a type of medical technologist who helps with the day-to-day management of healthcare practices. In medical assistant training, students may learn billing and coding, medical transcription, and much more.

If you’re investigating careers in the medical field in New York City , here is what you need to know about the path to becoming a medical administrative assistant.

Get Your Education

The right education will help you land the job you want as a medical administrative assistant. There are a few different educational paths you can take to prepare yourself for this field. One choice is to earn an associate degree as a medical office specialist.

In this degree program, you’ll get a broad education that covers a variety of tasks medical administrative assistants might be called on to perform, from computerized billing to business communication.

If you want to specialize in a particular aspect of the job, you can go to medical billing and coding school to earn a certificate that qualifies you to work with insurance claims and coding. If you see yourself as front-desk person in a medical office, consider a medical administrative assistant certificate.

This program is shorter than the medical office specialist degree and focuses on receptionist skills and medical office software.

Start the Job Hunt

Medical administrative assistants work in a variety of capacities. Some, particularly those who do billing, even work freelance for multiple practices. Start your job search with your medical assistant training program’s career placement department.

Because medical workers are in such high demand, schools can often place students before they even graduate. The career placement department can also help you prepare your resume and decide where to apply. Search for jobs online via physician partner groups and hospital websites, where you’ll find listings for different providers in a central location.

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