Key Trends Shaping Health Care IT

The biggest changes in the medical field in recent years haven’t happened in the exam room, but rather from a laptop. Health care IT is central to the success of medical practices now in the form of electronic health records and other tech-based technologies designed to improve patient care and streamline processes. For this reason, a medical technologist now has one of the most prominent roles in today’s health care practices. If you’re studying to become a medical technologist serving New York City , here are some of the key trends that will shape how you work.

Health-Related Social Networking

Providers are constantly looking for new ways to communicate with patients and encourage them to become active participants in their own care. With a private, practice-specific social network, patients and providers get an opportunity to interact between visits, while patients also get a chance to swap information with fellow patients struggling with similar health issues. These social networks, managed by medical technologists, can also cut down on calls for routine questions, as they can be answered more efficiently online.


Telehealth allows patients and doctors to collaborate over long distances via web-based interfaces. This technology has tremendous potential for patients who live in remote areas and are traditionally underserved by medical practices, but it can also improve care for people with steady access to providers. Telehealth allows patients and their usual doctors to seek input and second opinions from doctors in other locations when making important treatment decisions.


You may not associate careers in the medical field with gaming, but believe it or not, as a medical technologist, it could become a big part of your job. Doctors are beginning to recognize the potential of gaming to encourage patients to get active, improve their cognitive skills, and change unhealthy behaviors. You could be involved in helping patients and doctors make the most out of gaming for health care.