Becoming a Health Information Technician

Hospitals and clinics don’t just rely on doctors and nurses for quality care. In fact, there are dozens of people working behind the scenes to keep medical facilities operating smoothly.

Health information technicians, for example, organize and manage health information data to ensure that medical professionals provide the best care possible. If you’re thinking of beginning a new career, reach out to a career institute in New York City and learn more about the benefits of a career in health IT.

In the meantime, here’s a look at how you can jumpstart your life and become a health information technician.


Before you start pursuing a career as a health information technician, perform a self-assessment and make sure you have the qualities typical of successful health information technicians. You should have good analytical skills and a keen eye for details.

Health information technicians work with sensitive patient data, so integrity is another important quality to have. Finally, you should have good technical skills since you will be working with medical coding and classification software on a regular basis.

Post-Secondary Education

Like most lucrative careers in the medical field, health IT requires a post-secondary certificate and/or associate’s degree. Health information technology programs at career institutes typically include courses in medical terminology, classification and coding systems, healthcare computer systems, and medical terminology.

The health IT program at New York Career Institute can be completed in less than two years, at which point you will be awarded an associate’s degree.

Professional Certifications

Although professional certification is not necessarily a requirement for employment, most employers prefer to hire health information technicians who have professional certification from one or more health IT organizations.

Professional certification, such as Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT), will only increase your chances of finding employment and maximizing your earnings as a health information technician.

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