Implementing Electronic Health Record Technology

Electronic health record technology can be a great help to medical technologists serving New York City as well as other individuals who hold careers in the medical field. This modern system allows for greater accessibility, connection, and communication. Here is a closer look at the process of implementing electronic health record technology.


In order to successfully implement electronic health record technology, the proper preparation must be completed. You must first look at your practice, analyze your current performance, and set goals for the future.

Consider the efficiency of your current data collection procedures and discuss the possible improvements that this system may incur. Find out how comfortable employees of the practice are with using computers and high tech systems, and determine your level of access to high speed Internet.

Medical technologists will likely be able to answer any questions about the practice’s Internet capabilities. You can then begin to plan the implantation process.


You can make sure that this new system will be operated successfully by having employees adequately trained prior to the launch. Goals must be objectively defined and then met according to a schedule that is strictly adhered to.

This training period will provide employees with the opportunity to become familiar with the system in a risk-free setting before the technology is actually put into place.

During this phase, users will begin to understand how this technology will help them to better their performance and achieve their goals on the job. Training should end with a simulation of using the technology “live” in order to test everyone’s knowledge and comfort with the system.

Following Up

Once the electronic health record technology is becoming regularly utilized, users will become more comfortable and achieve meaningful use. It is important to routinely evaluate this new system and consider the practice’s ability to meet the outlined goals.

Individuals with careers in the medical industry stand to benefit from the use of electronic health record technology. Assessments and goals will be outlined during the planning phase, and employees will become comfortable with the system during training. The practice should be continuously evaluated after the system is put into place to ensure that goals are being met.