Is Court Reporting a Good Career Choice for Introverts?

Introverts may be talented and brilliant individuals, but their preference for isolation over interaction can drain them in certain situations. If you are looking for an appropriate job for an introvert, consider becoming a court reporter in New York City . Here is a look at why court reporting may be a good career choice for introverts.

Whereas some careers are founded on communicating and interacting with a variety of different people each day, court reporters mainly keep to themselves. The job involves sitting in a court room and observing while recording the event.

In essence, you are creating a live description of the proceeding. Court reporters only have to open their mouths during one circumstance: When someone asks them to read part of the transcript that they are creating. Other than that, the job is very objective and systematic, and the court reporter will not have to expend any social energy. Look into court reporter school if you think that this seems like the type of career for you.

An introvert thrives when he or she is not forced to communicate with people in real time. Court reporting presents the opportunity to go through a work day with very minimal interaction with others. Court reporter school is a good place to get started.

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