Court Reporter Tops List of Surprising Six-Figure Jobs

Are you considering a career as a court reporter? According to CNN Money , experienced court reporters can earn up to $88,171 working for the New York State Supreme Court. They can earn even more when they create transcripts, bringing earnings above $100,000!

Many people are attracted to the field for the excitement of being in the courtroom and are surprised to learn just how well being a reporter pays. With the right education, you could easily earn over six figures working as court reporter in New York City .

How court reporters are paid depends on where they work. Court reporters can be salaried employees of courthouses who work a variety of cases there, or they may be freelance workers who are hired by law firms to transcribe pre-trial depositions.

In both circumstances, court reporters are paid for the hours they actually work plus the final copies of transcriptions they make. The pay for the transcriptions can be significant, because each party in the case will usually buy a separate copy. To get started in the field, you will need to complete a court reporting school program and be able to write 225 words per minute on a steno machine.