What Skills Are Required For a Career As a Court Reporter

Becoming a court reporter in New York City is a great way to find steady work in a field that is always in demand. If you have any of the following skills, you might want to think about enrolling in school so you can become a court reporter.

Knack for Accuracy

Working as a court reporter is a job that requires close attention to detail and the ability to create accurate notes. In order to make it in the field, you must be accurate, detail oriented, professional, and capable of handling stressful situations. You must also demonstrate confidence in front of others and have excellent listening skills.

Correct Grammar

It is essential for a court reporter to have outstanding grammar skills. It will be up to you to correctly place the punctuation in your notes of actual conversations. You must know where to use commas, semicolons, periods, hyphens, and other punctuation marks. Since you will be creating formal documents, it will be very important to use the proper punctuation.

Ability to Handle Challenging Work Situations

The life of a court reporter provides plenty of challenges. If you strive to always do better and be more, you might want to consider signing up for a court reporter program so you can get qualified to work in the field. If you are ready for the challenge, a career as a court reporter can always bring you new and exciting opportunities.


Learning all of the information that you need to know to become a court reporter requires time, patience, and a good amount of diligence. It is important to make your best effort throughout the duration of your school program to ensure that you learn the skills you need to start working in the field. If you have a strong work ethic and want to start a career that always requires you to put in your best effort, consider becoming a court reporter.

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