What Is CART Training?

CART training, or communication access real-time translation training, prepares you for a career in a number of different areas. CART training is offered by many community colleges and vocational schools in New York City. CART providers work as court reporters or as transcriptionists for the hearing impaired. As a CART provider, you may take jobs in schools, concert halls, churches, meetings, attorney’s offices, law firms, or your local courthouse.

A CART provider transcribes every spoken word, verbatim, during an event, class, or court proceeding. This transcription may be done in person or remotely through a video or audio feed. If you become a CART provider, you will use a steno machine, a laptop, and special software to transcribe what is said in shorthand, and you may post the text to video screens to allow those who are hearing impaired to know what is being said.

If you are interested in becoming a CART provider, you must undergo CART training at your local community college or vocational school. Once you complete your schooling, you will take a test to become licensed. Visit a community college or vocational school near you to learn more about the CART training and certificate programs they offer.