Becoming a Certified CART Provider

The responsibilities of a Broadcast Captioning and CART professional include translating speech into text real-time. In addition to providing a much needed service for the hearing impaired, a career in closed captioning can be very lucrative. In fact, entry-level closed captioning professionals can earn upwards of $75,000 annually.

New York Career Institute is the only school in the Tri-State area to offer the specific programs needed to become a closed captioning professional. Once you earn your degree, you will need to complete the following steps to become a Certified CART Provider.

Register for CCP Exam

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) CCP exam consists of a written knowledge and skills test. Because the written knowledge and skills tests are offered on separate days and at separate times, CART candidates must register for each test separately. Visit the NCRA’s website forregistration dates and deadlines.

Pass CCP Written Knowledge Test

The CCP Written Knowledge Test (WKT) is a 90-minute, 100 question multiple-choice test based on the four primary areas of knowledge needed to perform the duties of a CART provider. The four areas are Writing Realtime, Research, Language Skills, and Communication Access Realtime Translation.

A score of 70 or better is needed to pass the WKT. The court reporting program at NYCI will provide you with the knowledge needed to successfully pass the WKT.

Pass CCP Skills Test

The CCP Skills Test is a hands-on exam that tests your ability to set up and operate your equipment. The CCP Skills Test consists of three steps. First, you will need to properly set up your stenography equipment.

You will then need to accurately write realtime for five minutes at 96 percent accuracy from professionally recorded literary material at the speed of 180 words per minute. Finally, you will be required to convert your file to an ASCII text file for grading.